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New Year Countdown Sale

December 27th, 2018


I have teamed up with some fantastic TPT sellers to bring you 5 days of fabulous savings.  Starting on December 27th, I will reveal two items on sale in my store every day. Make sure you check my FB page regularly so you do not miss these fabulous deals!

Add these days to your calendar to make sure you don’t miss out. Each deal will be available for 1 day only.  Search for these hashtags and ring in the New Year !! #NYcountdown5 Dec 27th $5 deals #NYcountdown4 Dec 28th $4 deals #NYcountdown3 Dec 29th $3 deals #NYcountdown2 Dec 30th $2 deals #NYcountdown1 Dec 31st $1 deals

Every day until December 31st, I will reveal two of my resources on sale. In my TpT store, search for the hashtag code indicated on each image. 

December 27th, two items at $5 each

December 28th – Two items in my store $4 each.



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