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I am a high school ESL teacher and curriculum designer. I love creating teaching resources for both elementary and high school ESL learners. In my spare time, I like reading, indulging in binge watching TV shows on Netflix, and trying out new recipes.

I have always been busy designing teaching resources for my ESL students, and I just cannot stop. Curriculum design is truly my passion.


I enjoy producing teaching materials that not only support devoted and busy teachers, but they also provide English language learners with more engaging and creative learning opportunities.

Therefore, I have created this blog to share some useful teaching tips and classroom-tested resources, so you can offer better learning experiences to your students. 

Whether you are a veteran or a first-year educator, I hope you will find here plenty of useful teaching ideas and activities for your middle school or high school ESL learners. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Kynga C.

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