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Stay on Top of Your Tasks with Our Hands-on Teacher Planner 

Designed with the busy high school teachers in mind, our teacher planner is a powerful organizational tool that will help you streamline your weekly lesson plans and other tasks. From the moment you lay eyes on its neat, elegant design, you'll know you're holding the key to a more efficient and productive academic year.

This practical planning tool is available only in my Créations KingA+ (KingA+ Creations) store where you may also purchase other stationery items.

Tailored to Your Needs

Experience the convenience of a powerful organizational tool - tailored specifically to the needs of high school teachers - that will help you to take control of your lesson planning and maximize your productivity.


Main Features

  • Elegant and neat design

  • Colour-coded sections

  • Practical

  • Designed with high school teachers in mind

  • 25 pages to track student assignments

  • Plenty of room for your notes 

  • Available in English or French

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