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Privacy and Terms of Use


Privacy & Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Rest assured that the privacy of your personal information is important to me. I will not use your email address to send spam messages or a plethora of promotional emails. When you subscribe to the ESL in the Spotlight mailing list, you agree to receive monthly newsletters, freebies, and occasional emails informing you about TpT sales and gift card giveaways. You may opt out any time.

Cookie Policy


Use of first-party cookies.

When you visit this site, it sends your computer information (cookies) that will be stored in your browser. This bundle of information enhances your user experience.

Use of third-party cookies.

This site uses third-party cookies to track users' visits and activities and to collect and store subscribers' email address, so I can send them monthly newsletters. You may unsubscribe from the ESL in the Spotlight mailing list any time, but this means that you will miss out on any future updates and will also lose access to the free resources library.

Terms of Use

By visiting and using this website, you agree not to copy, duplicate, steal, modify, publish, distribute, reproduce, post, create derivative works, or sell any of the content (texts, images, posts, logos, graphics, files, products or any information) available on this site.

Intellectual Property


a. I reserve the right to all blog posts, blog post images, product covers, and resources I publish on this site. These are my intellectual property. Reproducing, publishing or linking up my blog posts, images, and resources without my written consent is not permitted. However, sharing my blog posts and images on social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on so forth using the share button on my website is permitted and is highly appreciated.



b. All free resources are for personal and educational print purposes only. If you wish to share these freebies with your students via direct email, Google Drive™, or a secure and password protected online platform, you must ask for permission first. Although some resources might be exempt from this rule. Please, read the Copyright page of each free item to make sure you comply with my terms of use. If you want to use these freebies in your classes, you may make copies of these documents only for your own student groups. You may not share any of these free items with your colleagues; instead, you may invite them to subscribe to my mailing list to gain access to the free resources library.

c. I reserve the right to stop granting subscribers access to the FREE RESOURCES LIBRARY if my resources are being used wrongfully: they are altered, sold elsewhere, distributed without my consent, or shared on open online platforms.


Nature of this site.

ESL in the Spotlight is an educational site for teachers offering tips on how to be an effective English teacher. This site also provides strategies to teach speaking, writing, and reading to English learners as well as practical activities and resources to teach ESL learners.

Blog content and professional advice.

The information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be seen as any kind of expert advice, but as an insight into one ESL teacher's professional journey. The pedagogical approaches, activities, and resources I use in my own ESL classes might not suit all teachers’ teaching style. Therefore, you should use your professional judgment before implementing these strategies and activities in your teaching practice.

Opinionated content.

This blog contains my opinions, and it does not reflect the opinions of my employer, co-workers, or any other organizations.

Blog content may change.

Because I add new content to my blog regularly and often experiment with new teaching and learning approaches in my ESL classes, I might change my mind about older topics. Therefore, when I update older posts, it is possible that I alter them to provide a fresher perspective on topics and include new ideas or resources.

Accuracy of information.

Any information I provide on this blog is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and experience as an ESL teacher.


Readers’ Comments.

I am not responsible for the comments my readers leave. Their point of view may be different from my or other readers’ viewpoints.

Deleting offensive and inappropriate comments.

While I cannot control the content of each comment, I reserve the right to delete any comments I find offensive or inappropriate.

Affiliate links.

a. Generally, when I post a link or mention a product or service in my blog posts, I do not receive any monetary compensation for sharing those links. I will always include a disclaimer to indicate whether a post contains an affiliate link or not.

b. If I do share affiliate links, this will be stated early in any blog post.

c. When I share third-party links to recommended products or services, it does not mean that you should buy or use them. It is your decision whether you want to try those products or not. I am not responsible if you use or purchase any products or services mentioned on this website and you are not happy with your choices.


For any questions, please contact me.    


I reserve the right to change the Privacy and Terms of Use statement without any notice. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check this site for updates.        

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