Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is finally here!

I have been waiting for a well-deserved vacation time since the beginning of December. I bet you also felt festive all day long today like I did. I do not hide it, I was possibly more impatient to finish school than my students. At the end of the day, some of my colleagues and I were happy dancing in the teachers’ lounge to celebrate our long-waited and well-deserved vacation!

Although I had a great day with all my groups, I still felt exhausted in the afternoon. I admit this last week was hard on me and it was hard on my students as well. The only homework I gave my learners is to have a lot of rest and take care of themselves.

However, I think it is time I took my own advice and focused on my own well-being in the new year. So here is my list of New Year’s resolutions: 

  1. Grade less.

  2. No more school work after 5 pm.

  3. Read a new book at least every month. 

  4. Spend quality time with family. 

  5. try some new recipes.

  6. Spend less on unnecessary items. Do you really need all those things?

  7. Make more time for friends.

  8. Listen to music more often.  

  9. Discover a new hobby.

  10. Work out.

Last week, I showed my students an inspirational Ted Talk video as an extension activity to our work on the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. It is a speech given by Emily Esfahani Smith and it is called “There’s more to life than being happy”. After watching, one of my learners confessed that she really needed to hear Smith’s words because she found them encouraging.

If you would like to have your students listen to this talk, here is a two-pager response journal that would help your learners not only practice the response process, but also reflect on ideas such as growth mindset, happiness, meaning, kindness, belonging, success and fulfillment. 

Viewing Response Journal (Video): Is There More to Life than Pursuing Happiness?

I believe I was as inspired as my student upon listening to this talk for the first time. It helped me to want to have a look at my professional life through a different lens. At last, I believe this is my moment to be selfish and focus on myself. Smith states in her speech that the four pillars of of a meaningful life are belonging, finding purposetranscendence, and storytelling.

In 2019, I definitely wish to change my own story.  Is this something you have been longing for so long? It is time to take action then. What is on your New Year’s resolutions list?

cabrasjoan / Pixabay

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