10 ESL Resources for Hybrid Teaching

Are you still wondering whether you return to online, in-person, or hybrid teaching this Fall? Believe me I am in your shoes. That is why I have decided to share with you my favourite ESL resources that are appropriate for hybrid teaching.

Whether you will be in your physical or virtual classroom in a few weeks, the following ESL teaching materials will surely come in handy during these uncertain times, so you can focus on adjusting to whatever new reality is awaiting you. I have saved the freebies for the end 😊.

1. ALL ABOUT ME Student Information Form/Survey for Back to School (Editable)

This is a two-pager back-to-school student information form to learn more about your secondary students at the beginning of the school year. This resource comes in print and online file options. A fully editable version is also included (Editable Power Point file), so you can adapt this resource to better suit your needs.

What are educators saying about this resource?

“I have it customized to fit my needs and ready to post for my students. I appreciate having something immediately ready for use, which is much more appealing than anything I would have created.” (July 29, 2020)

“All in all, good source. Helped me, especially with specific needs students in order to better understand their learning.” (September 4, 2019)

2. Differentiated Opinion Text/Persuasive Writing Home Packet & Distance Learning

Use this comprehensive and differentiated resource to teach persuasive writing/the opinion piece to your high school students. This opinion text guided writing pack includes mentor texts, explicit instruction, and guided writing activities. The student version of the opinion text writing packet is also offered in paperless version, so you can share it with learners on Google Classroom. All other documents are PDF files. An online file version is also available in my store here: Opinion Text/Persuasive Writing Study Guide for Distance Learning (Compatible with Google Drive™). I have written about this resource here: How I Teach Persuasive Writing Using Guided Instruction and Practice.

What are educators saying about this resource?

“Loved the differentiation it provided for my students.” (October 23, 2019)

“Thank you, great product!” (February 25, 2019)

3. Who Moved My Cheese? for Teens Novel Study Guide Bundle Print and Online Files

These reading journals accompany Spencer Johnson's book Who Moved My Cheese? for Teens. This complete study guide contains 6 reading journals requiring learners to reflect and connect with the text, vocabulary task cards/worksheets, and conversation/writing prompts task cards. Of course, all the resources in this bundle are also compatible with Google Drive™.

What other educators are saying about this resource?

“Enjoyed this.” (September 2, 2019)

“SO so useful. A great story and worksheets that really helped. Thanks” (April 23, 2018)

4. Taking Risks Competency-based & Differentiated Thematic Unit Distance Learning

This thematic unit on the topic of taking risks is a comprehensive ESL competency-based, student-centered, and differentiated unit with a touch of growth mindset philosophy to contribute to students' well-being, motivation, and personal development. This resource offers a wide range of opportunities to develop and to assess the ESL competencies/skills. Learners use and reinvest reading strategies (informational texts), vocabulary, language, and information so they can acquire and confidently produce language. The student copy of the Taking Risks Booklet is also compatible with Google Slides™ (paperless item).

5. Engaging Writing Journal Prompts 1 (Motivation and Success)

This writing journal contains twenty engaging writing prompts to help students to reflect on such topics as motivation and success. This resource is ideal for both classroom use and distance learning as it is also compatible with Google Slides™. The included planning/brainstorming phase provides support for guided writing - differentiated instruction. This item is also part of my Writing Skills Mega Bundle available in my TpT store: Writing Skills Mega Bundle for ESL Learners. You might also like this 100 Bell-Ringer Journals and Task Cards (Paragraph Writing) - Home Packet.

6. Student Performance Reflection Sheets/Self-assessment Forms - Print and Paperless

Student performance reflection (self-assessment) sheets for secondary ESL/EFL/ELA learners to monitor and to reflect on their performance during class, small group, or debate/conversation activities. Use these forms on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or at the end of each term/semester. This resource is also compatible with Google Forms™.

This item is also part of my Assessment and Feedback Tools Bundle that is available in my TpT store here: ESL Assessment and Feedback Tools for High School Teachers BUNDLE. This ESL assessment and feedback tools bundle for secondary teachers also contains a plethora of other valuable evaluation tools and performance monitoring forms.

7. Digital Interactive Notebook Templates Bundle - Compatible with Google Drive™

Use these templates to create your own digital interactive notebooks. This bundle contains three digital interactive notebook templates (online files) for your teaching resources. Almost all the work is done for you: design imported to Google Slides, pages hyperlinked, text boxes added, and lined paper included. You just need to customize the texts displayed on tabs and menu pages and add your own content. More digital notebook template tools can be found here: Digital Notebook Templates and Clip Art.

8. FREE Newsletter Template for ESL/ELA Teachers Print and Online Files

Who does not like free items? Use this editable weekly newsletter template to inform students and parents about important news/messages, course content, homework, and assignments. The text boxes may be customized/edited. Links to the online versions are included in a PDF document that you will find in the downloaded zip file. This newsletter template for back to school is available both in my TpT store and in the free resources library here on my blog. Join my mailing list today to gain access to this library and download not only this newsletter template, but also other useful ESL resources for your ESL/ELA class.

9. FREE Back-to-School Writing Journal

Are you looking for some fun activities or time-fillers for your students? This free back-to-school writing journal will give learners a chance to reflect on their goals and actions, and to complete bucket lists.

This journal contains 10 topics (bucket lists):

  • My smart goals

  • Being a teenager (reflecting)

  • Things I am thankful for

  • Five things that will help me to move forward

  • My bucket list before my next birthday

  • My Fall bucket list

  • My Winter bucket list

  • Share some love (around Valentine's Day)

  • My Spring bucket list

  • My Summer bucket list

This packet may also be used as a seasonal activity pack all year long.

10. Reading Journal Accompanying the Novel GHOST Distance Learning

This is a free reading journal accompanying Jason Reynold's novel Ghost. It is ideal for independent reading at home or in class, and it is also compatible with Google Drive™. Plus, a fillable form field PDF file is also included, so learners could complete the document on their computer. This item is available both in my TpT store and in the free resources library. Do not forget to sign up to receive the password.

If you are looking for recommended YA novels for your Grade 9-11 learners, check out this blog post here: 5 YA Novels to Read with Your ESL Learners.

If you wish to take a peek at my other ESL resources, please visit my TpT store here: Versatile Teacher Toolkit ESL and ELA Resources.

Read more about distance learning here:

Enjoy the remaining weeks of your summer vacation!

All the best,

Kynga C.

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